How to: BOOTY FLEX (video)

In this tutorial, we will go over the target muscle, setup, form, and more for the Booty Flex. For more workout tips, tricks, and information, follow me on Instagram @daniellehamlinor visit the Exercise Library​ :) Enjoy the video!


Single Joint Movement Joint and Joint Type Involved: Hip (ball-and-socket joint)

Main Muscles Worked: Gluteus Maximus

Equipment: A mat

Prerequisites: None


For the booty flex, you will need a mat or something comfortable to lie on. Lie on the floor face down. Attempt to get as low to the floor as you can. If you are propped up on your elbows, you may be placing your lower back in a compromising position. There is no need for the additional strain in this region so eliminate it by dropping your upper body as close to the floor as possible. To initiate the Booty Flex, begin to squeeze your glutes. Hold the contraction for 7 seconds and attempt to make the contraction in the Gluteus Maximus tighter as the seconds go by. After 7 seconds, relax for a brief moment and then repeat the contraction. One 7 second hold is one rep. Continue on for a set of 10 reps or until the glutes can no longer produce solid contractions. Do not attempt to use any other muscle aside from the glutes. It may appear as if I am using additional muscles but this is strictly a glute contraction that is rotating my hips toward my upper leg.

You can also perform the Booty Flex in a standing position. Stand up tall and squeeze your glutes as hard as you can. Hold the contraction for 7 seconds and continue to squeeze tighter and tighter as the seconds go by. In the standing position, we do not have the floor to counter any excessive forward movement that could result in extension at the lower back instead of the hips. Be sure you are not hyperextending. Think about pinching a penny or tucking your tailbone under your body instead of thinking “hips forward." This is a great move to perform at any time throughout the day should your lower back feel a tweak for whatever reason.

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Dallas, Texas, United States

Dallas, Texas, United States